As the world’s first manufacturer of handheld mobile phones, and leader in wireless network transmission technology and equipment, Motorola had invented the flip phone and was creating exciting new cell phone offerings in the early/mid 2000s.
With its release of the RAZR phone, Motorola was leading the industry in miniaturization of mobile phone technology, and was one of the early pioneers of “qwerty” keyboard and smart phone platforms. Their ads were “sharp”, featuring very stylized and iconic photography that aimed to sell a certain lifestyle. Being a photographer myself, I was drawn to a number of these images. Unbeknownst to me until many years later, one of the photographers Motorola hired, whose images I worked with to produce a series of magazine ads, was a  British photographer by the name of Platon Antoniou. The famous Platon, who today is considered one of the world’s great portrait photographers. Kismet.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Toronto
Creative Directors: Nancy Vonk, Janet Kestin

Deliverables: newspaper and magazine ads, out-of-home signage.

Contributions: typography, mechanicals and layout assembly, ad re-sizing and versioning, pre-press and delivery.
Newspaper, Magazine & OOH ads:
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