Photography is a great passion of mine. It is a source of inspiration, discovery and yes, at times, frustration.
I took and developed my first photograph at the age of 13. It was of a moving car speeding down a street. The final result was a complete disaster. Terrible framing, dull subject matter, and the shutter speed was too slow for the shot. I did however, manage to get the exposure right and that was really exciting to me at the time. I caught a moment and created something. It certainly wasn’t a work of art, but I was hooked.
And so began a lifelong journey that to this day continues to offer me endless opportunities to experiment and learn. Although the modern day digital process has removed some of the mystery from the equation, there will always be something magical about creating an image. Be it stills or motion, capturing a moment that has revealed itself by the interplay of light and darkness is special and powerful. A moment frozen in time that often reveals something very personal and different to all of us.
I try to create images in that spirit. Images that aim to grab a viewer's attention but also attempt to tell a story, reveal a personality or meaning and conjure a sense of discovery. Some have a pure photojournalistic quality and others are more conceptual and constructed.
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